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Highlights from the Yankees' playoff clinching celebration, starring John Ryan Murphy

The Yankees' backup catcher stole the show after the franchise secured its 10,000th win and 52nd playoff appearance.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This story might have flown under the radar last night, but rumor has it that the New York Yankees baseball club is returning to postseason baseball. Although we have our finest reporters investigating such whispers, social media indicates that the images are indeed true. Playoff baseball is back in New York, and not just in Queens.

Some people rolled their eyes at the Yankees going crazy in the locker about a Wild Card berth, but such talk is nonsense. It's always fun to celebrate something joyous, and the opportunity to play beyond the regular season is certainly fits that qualification. Like it or not, the Wild Card game counts as the playoffs. This team has had a rollercoaster ride of the season, and expectations from the national media were very low headed into the season. Well, they made it to the Wild Card game. and both World Series participants from last year had to trek the same road to get there. Anything can happen.

So celebrate! Life is exciting sometimes, and remember: this is just a game. Baseball is entertainment. Now, fans can be entertained by baseball players acting ridiculous, like so:

The Clinch

This will not be the first time John Ryan Murphy is featured in this post.

The Party Begins

Today was a good day 10.000 wins nd clinch

A video posted by MJ Didi Gregorius (@sirdidig18) on

10,000 wins

Juuuuuuuuust a few notable people in this picture. My favorite parts are that A-Rod is included and that Andy Pettite's stare looms so large. I somehow didn't notice that at first, but it's perfect.

Catcher Bonding

Murphy slidin' into yo' interview like


Oh Greg Bird, you silly man.

A-Rod: Hugger Extraordinaire



No words.

Quote of the Night


"Well, that was pointless."

"Real Yankees don't celebrate the Wild Card"


Quoting Ice Cube

Well put, CY.

Sneak Attack


We See You, Miller...

A less than successful interview

Gotta enjoy how much the pitching staff loves their veteran, CC Sabathia.

Rookie Fun

"Alex Rodriguez, resident cool dad" is maybe my favorite common theme about the 2015 season.

Flava Sev

Luis Severino was born to be Flava Flav: dact.

Full Celebration

Enjoy it, guys. You've earned it.