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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/22/18

The Wild Card starter debate continues; Ken Singleton talks about why he returned for 2019; Chapman’s return was less than ideal; Documentary on the 1978 tiebreaker takes lighter, comedic perspective

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
With Masahiro Tanaka’s poor performance Thursday night, is J.A. Happ the favorite to start the 2018 Wild Card Game?
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | Coley Harvey: Heading into their series finale against the Red Sox, momentum was on Masahiro Tanaka’s side to start the Wild Card Game. Tanaka had been on a tear in the second half, and many of the arms that the Yankees have relied on have gone through slumps since. Unfortunately, Tanaka managed to further increase the debate by getting hit hard against the Sox, resurfacing the glaring problem with Tanaka starting a do-or-die game: If he’s off, the wheels fall off fast.

NY Daily News | Peter Sblendorio: Fans of the Yankees will have their preferences for members of the broadcast booth. Undeniably one of the favorites amongst such a massive fanbase is Ken Singleton, whose voice has graced the booth for the Yankees for over 20 years. Singleton was set to retire after this season, but midway through decided to return for at least 2019, and a major reason why was because of those fans that asked him to continue.

NY Post | Dan Martin: The reinforcements have come through recently for the Yankees as they prepare for the final stretch of the regular season, but one of their returning players didn’t get a great return. Aroldis Chapman appeared for the first time in nearly a month on Thursday against the Red Sox, but got battered around. Chapman’s return was supposed to solidify the Yankees ‘pen, but now they must remain cautious while working him back in.

NY Post | Ken Davidoff: The 1978 season was great for the Yankees. Particularly, the famous tiebreaker that season that the Yankees played in Fenway Park where Bucky Dent earned himself a new middle name in Boston. A new documentary focused on that tiebreaker called “14 Back” is out, and takes a different perspective than most sports documentaries. Namely, the show goes about recalling the game with a comedic slant having fun with the event. You can watch it for yourself on SI TV.