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Yankees vs. Nationals games postponed until June

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No baseball tonight thanks to rain, but it just means more baseball in the future.

New York Yankees v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The two-game series between the Yankees and Nationals did not work out like anyone had hoped. After halting last night’s game before the sixth inning, the plan was to resume tonight at 5:00 PM before playing tonight’s regularly scheduled game. Unfortunately, both games of this semi-doubleheader have been rained out. This ends the series without any final results being counted in the standings.

Now both games will be made up on June 18, which is actually going to be a gigantic pain in the ass for the Yankees. They will be in the Bronx for a series against the Rays, and then were due to get an off day before the Mariners come into town on the 19th. Now, the Yankees will have to finish up with the Rays, travel back to DC on the 18 to play the doubleheader, and then return to New York to face Seattle.

On the plus side, the Yankees will also get a little extra time off before facing the Royals in KC and the Rangers in Texas. Perhaps it all comes out in the wash, but losing an off day is never a good thing.

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