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Yankees Opening Day postponed due to snow

Opening Day has been pushed back by a day, thanks to more snow

Lingfield Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Surprise, it snowed again. New York City was hit by a significant amount of snow on Monday morning, and as a result, the Yankees Opening Day festivities have been postponed. With snowstorm conditions on the road and a temperature expected to be in the low-40s this afternoon, it’s probably better for everyone to wait a day then to sit around and be miserable.

According to the team’s official statement on the matter, Opening Day will be made up tomorrow, Tuesday, April 3. Instead of it being a 1:05 PM game, this makeup game will start at 4:05 PM with pregame festivities beginning at 3:30 PM.

It’s always a huge disappointment when a game is postponed due to weather, especially when it is Opening Day. However, in this case, it is probably for the best. Yankees fans should be familiar with Opening Day ceremonies getting called off due to bad weather. After all, it happened in 1996. For all we know, it’s a sign of things to come.

Feel free to use this as an open thread for the remainder of the day.