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Yankees have a deal in place to acquire Giancarlo Stanton

The Yankees have a deal in place with the Marlins to acquire Giancarlo Stanton

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

We have been following this developing story all throughout the night, and now, at eight in the morning, it appears the Yankees have a deal in place to acquire Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. The exact nature of the agreement is not known yet, but it shouldn’t be long before we know who would be heading over to Miami and how much money the Yankees will be on the hook for.

Stanton, who is coming off his first MVP season, still needs to approve any trade, but he previously indicated that he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for a deal to the Yankees. He’s coming off one of his best seasons to date after he hit an impressive .281/.376/.631 with 59 home runs to lead all of baseball. If this deal goes through, the Yankees will be able to add this kind of talent, at the age of 28, to what they already have in Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. This might be the best lineup in baseball now, or at least the most homer-happy.

It was previously indicated that Starlin Castro could be in a potential deal for Stanton in order to offset some of the cost the Yankees would be taking on. Going along with him to Miami would be three of the team’s second-tier prospects, though the names are not known for certain yet. This could mean that Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, and Estevan Florial are all safe, though with former Yankees farm manager Gary Denbo now with the Marlins, it’s possible he could nab someone worthwhile.

Of course the caveat to all this goodness is the fact that the Yankees just took on a $285 million contract over the next 10 years. There’s a reason it didn’t cost too much in prospects to acquire the reigning MVP winner. Though it’s certainly a detail to keep in mind, it’s also important to remember that 1) he can opt out of the contract after 2020, and likely will, and B) who cares, it’s Giancarlo Stanton!

Now that the deal is apparently done, we only have to wait for final confirmation now before we can all rejoice. Acquiring such a big contract certainly sounds scary, but don’t worry, it’s all going to be ok.