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Yankees and Tigers rained out in Detroit tonight

There will be no Sunday Night Baseball game this evening and the Yankees will have two days off entering a series against Toronto.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The pitching matchup for tonight's game between the Yankees and Tigers was going to be a good one, with Masahiro Tanaka facing off against Justin Verlander. Unfortunately, the weather in Detroit did not cooperate at all.

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News reported that the Sunday night game has been cancelled. Most reporters have said that there is no make-up date announced yet, but ESPN's Marly Rivera said that a source told her it would be made up on a mutual off-day on July 28th. Although the Yankees are off tomorrow, the Tigers have a game against the Pirates, so that regrettably wasn't an option.

The extra off-day early for Masahiro Tanaka definitely helps since it gives him another day of rest that was seemingly lost when Opening Day was also rained out, but there are unfortunate repercussions to the proposed July 28th make-up date. That was the Yankees' only off-day between the All-Star Break and August 8th.

That off-day was also also wedged in the middle of a road trip from Houston to Tampa Bay. Detroit is not exactly on the way. So it looks like the Yankees will have to play 24 days in a row from July 15th through August 7th. Splendid.

Regardless, the Yankees will hit the road for Toronto, where they have a three-game set against the formidable Blue Jays beginning on Tuesday night. Masahiro Tanaka will start against talented young righty Aaron Sanchez.

In the meantime, you should submit questions for the Ask Pinstripe Alley mailbag for tomorrow! Just sayin'.