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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/10/16

Landis Sims' one-day contract; YES and Comcast continue to feud; how Opening Day prices will be affected; Castro and Refsnyder adapt; a profile of Eovaldi.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Yahoo Sports | Israel Fehr: The Yankees signed ten-year-old Landis Sims, who was born without hands and legs from the knee down, to a one-day contract. He was able to play with Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and he basically got to feel like a part of the team for a day. If this doesn't leave you teary-eyed, then go change your batteries.

Fortune | Michal Addady: The YES Network and Comcast are still in a feud, leaving Comcast subscribers without their Yankees games for now. The network urged subscribers to drop Comcast as a way to gain some leverage, but you have to believe it's just posturing. Comcast needs the YES Network, and even though the fees are expensive, people still pay for cable because of live sports.

International Business Times | Greg Price: With the new ticket policy at Yankee Stadium, the author investigates whether we'll see an increase in ticket prices on the secondary market for Opening Day. It could have some effect, he argues, but die-hard fans will likely find a workaround for the changed policy, hopefully keeping the secondary market around their usual prices. | Ryan Hatch: This spring is definitely one of adjustments for the likes of Starlin Castro and Rob Refsnyder, who are both learning new positions to keep themselves on the roster. Castro is moving to second base and backing up Didi Gregorius at shortstop, and Refsnyder is working on third base so he could back up Chase Headley.

ESPN New York | Andrew Marchand: It's spring training, so that means there are plenty of quirky personality profiles. Marchand looks at Nathan Eovaldi, who likes steak and Drake.