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The 2016 Yankees schedule has been released

The 2016 regular season schedule has been released. We take a brief look at what the Yankees' schedule will be like.

Yay lines!
Yay lines!
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

As the Yankees and the rest of baseball close out the 2015 regular season, MLB has released the schedule for next year's regular season. You can view the schedule for yourself by clicking on this link. We've decided to take a quick look at what is in store for the Bronx Bombers next year.

First and foremost, both the first game and the last game of the 2016 Yankees' season will be in the Bronx. The Yankees will open the regular season at home against the Astros on April 4th. The season will end on October 2nd, as the Yankees take on the Orioles. That's the good news. The bad news for people on the east coast is that next year's interleague matchup is with the NL West. Unlike how the Yankees finished their west coast travels before the All-Star Break this season, the trips to the West Coast next year will be plentiful and pretty sporadic.

From May 16th to May 22nd, the Yankees will face the Arizona Diamondbacks then the Oakland Athletics. In June, they will play the Rockies for two games in Colorado. On July 1st, they will be in Petco Park to take on the Padres. Finally, from August 19th to the 24th, they will face the Angels and Mariners. The Rockies, Giants, and Dodgers will all visit Yankee Stadium throughout the year. This sadly means that you will not get to hear Vin Scully call any Yankee games, since he doesn't really travel anymore. Of course, the Yankees will play the Mets because what would interleague play be like without crosstown rivals. That series will not come until the beginning of August. Two games in Citi Field then right across the Triboro Bridge for two games at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees' schedule in May is probably the worst of their 2016 season. From the 3rd to the 22nd they play twenty straight games with no days off. They start on the road against the O's, are home for ten games after, then fly to the west coast for seven games. After their day off on the 23rd, they are home to face the Blue Jays for three games and then immediately head back on the road. Not an easy month at all.

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