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Yankees calling up Jacob Lindgren

A strikeout factory is being assembled in the Bronx

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Out of the ashes of a blowout, fifth straight defeat today, some cause for excitement.

The Yankees were going to need a roster move after turning to the bullpen, well, and Garrett Jones, to get through 6 and 2/3 mop-up innings against the Rangers this afternoon. Branden Pinder was the natural choice to be sent down, after a solid effort stemming the bleeding for three innings, he'll be allowed to recover on the Triple-A roster. The Chasen Shreve treatment.

The front office could have gone in several directions with the freed up roster spot, but they have taken a course that will likely be popular with a lot of the fanbase, a promotion for blue-chip relief prospect Jacob Lindgren, less than a year from being drafted in the second round.

Calls for bringing the Strikeout Factory have been magnified with the recent struggles of the Yankee bullpen in bridging the gap from the starters to Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. Certainly, Lindgren's minor league numbers this season have been very impressive; 22 innings, 29 strikeouts (11.86 K/9), 1.23 ERA, 1.92 FIP. The walk rate is a little high, a touch over 4 walks per-nine, but he's been dominant enough for that to not matter over much. Now we get to see if Lindgren can replicate his minor league success at the big league level.

This gives the Yankees four left-handers in the bullpen, with Lindgren joining Miller, Shreve and Justin Wilson. Hopefully that just means Lindgren will be given a chance to prove he can get right-handers out as well.

Best of luck to you Jacob Lindgren. May you leave a trail of strikeouts in your wake.