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Yoan Moncada signs with the Red Sox for $30 million

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Well the long wait has finally ended and things didn't work out so well for Yankees fans. Top Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada has signed a $30 million with the Red Sox, leaving the Yankees with nothing to show after so many months of speculating. The timing of his signing should allow him to make it to spring training on time.

While many reported that the Yankees weren't going to go crazy for the 19-year-old, it seemed like they were serious about the shortstop when they worked him out on three different days, two being back-to-back as part of spring training camp with even Hank Steinbrenner showing up to see him play. Judging by their apparent interest, it seemed the Yankees were the favorite to sign him heading into this week since they have a pretty wide open farm system for him to fit into. The odd thing about this signing is that Moncada is blocked with the Red Sox, with Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, and Pablo Sandoval all playing the possible positions he might end up at in the majors. That's not to say they couldn't make room for him when the time comes, but it's surprising that Moncada would agree to that kind of situation when his goal was to sign with the team that allowed him the fastest chance to reach the majors. At that point the money must have been very different for him to sign with Boston.

While the Steinbrenners decided a more conservative approach to the offseason was for the best, bringing in Moncada would have reassured fans and the baseball world that the Yankees were still committed to spending big, at least when it made sense for them. Now that they showed a lack of willingness to spend, you have to start questioning their commitment to winning. Despite the defensive questions surrounding him, Moncada could have easily become the organization's No. 1 prospect upon signing. Sure, the $30 million would have turned into $60 million because of the tax penalties they had already accrued, but if he's not what you spend money on, I don't know what is.

On the flip side, prepare for Moncada to be the next overrated, future Hall of Fame Boston prospect that we'll never hear the end of. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. One of these days the Yankees will actually commit to one of these Cuban prospects, one of these days.


So the Yankees lost out on Moncada over $5 million ($10 million with the penalties). I'd like to know what they plan to do with these savings.