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Yankees featured early on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball schedule

ESPN has released their Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the early part of the season and it features a lot of Yankee games.

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Jim Rogash/Getty Images

ESPN has released their Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the early half of the season, which is only exciting in the sense that it means baseball is happening fairly soon. I guess if you happen to enjoy ESPN's broadcast booth, or depend on ESPN in order to watch games, then it could be exciting to see that the Yankees will be getting quite a bit of airtime.

Though not a Sunday thing, ESPN will kickoff the season with Opening Day coverage of the Blue Jays at Yankee stadium on Monday April 6th at 1 PM EST. The Sunday schedule through the beginning of May is as follows:

April 5: Cardinals at Cubs
April 12: Red Sox at Yankees
April 19: Reds at Cardinals
April 26: Mets at Yankees
May 3: Yankees at Red Sox

Every Sunday game in the schedule that has been released so far features the Cardinals or Yankees. Unsurprisingly, ESPN's plan seems to be to show as many Yankee-Red Sox games as they can possibly cram into the first month of the season. Even though they haven't really been division rivals in a few years, that matchup must be what gives the network the best ratings. Both teams have made improvements during the offseason, though the edge probably goes to the Red Sox, so maybe their games will be more evenly matched or interesting in 2015.

The broadcast booth will remain the same, with Curt Schilling set to return alongside Dan Shulman and John Kruk. The three of them were also supposed to be the broadcast team last season, but Schilling missed most of the season after undergoing cancer treatments, so they didn't get the chance to call very many games together. According to the USA Today article, "special chemistry" is developing between Schilling and Kruk, whatever that means.

Do you enjoy ESPN games or do you tend to hit the mute button? Is anyone excited for all the Red Sox-Yankees matchups? How many times do you think we'll have to hear Schilling discuss the Hall of Fame voting in the booth this season?