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Derek Jeter and Jacoby Ellsbury leading Yankees in All-Star Game voting

Two Yankees would be starters if voting ended today.

Harry How

MLB has released early voting totals for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game and two Yankees would hold starting positions for the American League if voting were to end today. Unsurprisingly, Derek Jeter has a healthy lead in the running at shortstop over White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez. Jeter is one of only three American Leaguers to have received more than 600,000 votes so far with 602,525 ballots cast in his favor to Ramirez's 472,537. With the Yankee Captain announcing his retirement at the end of this season it seems almost a foregone conclusion that he will make his last All-Star appearance, and will likely be named the starter if the voting holds up.

Jacoby Ellsbury would earn his first All-Star nod as a Yankee if voting were to end today as the third-highest American League outfield vote getter. He trails only Mike Trout (764,007) and Jose Bautista (675,290) in votes with 417,452. Trout is, obviously, the AL's top vote getter so far. Fellow Yankee Carlos Beltran is currently just behind Ellsbury in fourth place with 401,101 votes so far. Brett Gardner is eleventh among outfielders with 197,577 votes.

In addition to Beltran, who is just outside of the starting lineup at this first vote total announcement, Brian McCann is in second place in votes among American League catchers. He trails the leader, Matt Wieters, 373,169 votes to 540,258 votes. Wieters is currently on the disabled list with an elbow problem that could eventually result in Tommy John surgery, which may end up opening the door for McCann to earn his first All-Star nod in pinstripes. Mark Teixeira is fifth among AL first basemen with 201,123 votes. Miguel Cabrera is almost certainly going to be representing the league as the starter at that position. Alfonso Soriano's 221,378 votes leaves him fourth among AL Designated Hitters. The leader, David Ortiz, has collected 501,808 votes to this point.

Neither the Yankee second baseman Brian Roberts or third baseman Yangervis Solarte appear in the top five at their positions. This isn't surprising for Roberts, but Solarte has been one of the league's better hitters to this point of the season. Unfortunately, not appearing on the ballot and having to be written in could cost him some consideration. Not that he would make it over the likes of Evan Longoria, Josh Donaldson, or Adrian Beltre anyway, but it would be nice for him to be recognized either way.

All-Star pitchers are not voted for by the fans in the regular voting process, so more Yankees could be added to the field that way. Masahiro Tanaka, at the very least, should be recognized with his first All-Star game nod in his first season pitching in the United States. Relievers like David Robertson and Dellin Betances could also find their way onto the American League team.

You can continue to vote for Yankees (or whichever players you feel are most deserving) by clicking here and filling out a ballot. Which Yankees do you think will eventually be named starters for the All-Star Game at Target Field? Will Jeter and Ellsbury hold their lead?