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Michael Pineda suspended 10 games for pine tar use

Jared Wickerham

Major League Baseball has announced that Michael Pineda will be suspended ten games for his use of pine tar that resulted in an ejection Wednesday night against the Red Sox. Due to scheduling, Pineda will only miss one start if he accepts his suspension now instead of appealing because his turn in the rotation only comes up once over the Yankees' next 17 games.

The Yankees seem legitimately embarrassed about the way that Pineda chose to go about using pine tar against the very team he pitched against only a few days prior when the pine tar questions first surfaced. It seems like the general idea among MLB teams is that everyone is doing it and no one has an issue with it unless it is as blatant as Pineda swiping some on his neck was. It's more than a little silly to say that everyone is okay with cheating as long as you cheat subtlety, but I guess that's baseball. Pineda will have to learn from his mistake and figure out how to pitch on cold nights without the assistance of pine tar or get a whole lot better about discreetly placing it somewhere that every HD television camera isn't able to find it immediately.

Pineda is still young and still has a lot to learn. Though the team says they clearly conveyed the consequences of pine tar use to Pineda after the last time, clearly that message did not stick. Hopefully he's learned his lesson this time.