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Alex Rodriguez drops lawsuit against MLB and MLB Players Association

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Alex Rodriguez has voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against MLB, the MLB Players Association, and Bud Selig after today's deadline for his side to respond to the request for the case to be thrown out. The odds were always against Rodriguez emerging victorious in federal court in hopes of getting his 162-game suspension reduced, which might have been enough at this stage to make Rodriguez abandon the effort. Whatever slim chance Rodriguez had of at least having his suspension delayed until his case was heard in federal court is also now gone.

Considering the fact that this story has become a little crazier as time has passed, it's a little difficult to imagine that this might be the end of the legal aspect of the circus. It's always possible that there will be a new suit that Rodriguez prefers to pursue instead, like the one against Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad. For now, everyone should enjoy the momentary bit of peace. That peace will be short-lived if Rodriguez still plans to show up to spring training in Tampa at the end of the month.