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Masahiro Tanaka to be introduced as a Yankee on Tuesday at 1pm

It's Tanaka time.

Koji Watanabe

With Masahiro Tanaka's official signing and work visa all squared away, the Yankees have announced that he will finally be introduced to the New York media:

Unlike with the Jacoby Ellsbury press conference, there will be no Bob Lorenz suspense as to what number Tanaka will wear since the Yankees have already announced that he will don number 19 and try to erase the memories associated with that jersey and its previous owner, Chris Stewart. Nonetheless, it will be great to see Tanaka finally wear the pinstripes after over a year of crossing our fingers that the Yankees would sign him. Maybe now the SBN auto-tag will figure out that Tanaka is not on the Indians. Calooh, callay, and all that.