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Alfonso Soriano could consider retirement following 2014

Alfonso Soriano may consider retirement after the 2014 season.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

According to George King of the New York Post, Yankees' outfielder/DH Alfonso Soriano could retire following the 2014 season. Soriano told the Post "It depends on how I feel. If I am healthy, I will play (in 2015). If not, I will let it go. It depends on how I feel." Soriano is in the final year of his eight-year contract he signed with the Cubs prior to the 2007 season.

Soriano, who turned 38 in January, hit .255/.302/.489 with 34 home runs and a 112 wRC+ in 151 games and 626 plate appearances split between the Cubs and Yankees in 2013. He did his best to help keep the Yankees afloat last summer after being acquired by New York, hitting .256/.325/.525 with 17 home runs and a 130 wRC+ in 243 plate appearances. Health hasn't been too much of an issue for Soriano in the past four seasons, as he's played in 586 of a possible 648 games, good for 28th-most in the entire sport.

Following the retirement talk, Soriano mentioned that the Yankees told him he would play some left field and DH this season, though he said he'll play wherever the team needs him. This is significant because once the Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury, it was assumed that Brett Gardner would shift from center to left. However, Gardner did say that he would play right field if Joe Girardi needed him to. No matter where Soriano plays this upcoming season, he would give the team a nice boost if he can pick up where he left off last summer in what could be his final season in the big leagues.