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The Yankees continue to search for a new hitting coach

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The Yankees may be considering Jeff Pentland for the job.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have been on the hunt for a new hitting coach for over two months now, after they decided to fire Kevin Long. He lost no time in finding a new job with the Mets, but the Yankees have taken their sweet time in choosing his replacement. The Yankees either haven't been interested in the people who would take the job or vice versa. Though there have been countless rumors and speculation about everyone from Chili Davis to Raul Ibanez to Dante Bichette, nothing has come of any of that. Well, it's a new day and with it comes a new rumor.

The most recent speculation is that the Yankees could be considering hiring Jeff Pentland as their new hitting coach. Pentland previously worked for the Marlins, Cubs, Royals, Mariners and Dodgers in the capacity of hitting coach or secondary hitting instructor from 1996-2011. He was the Marlins' hitting coordinator in 2014 and is looking for a job at the moment. Incidentally, Pentland already has a relationship with the majority of the Yankees' staff. He coached Girardi when he was playing with the Cubs, where he also coached alongside Larry Rothschild and worked with special assignment scout Jim Hendry. Tony Pena was also Pentland's manager for a few years with the Royals. The report also indicates that the Yankees haven't actually reached out to Pentland, and that they've just been discussing him as a possibility. Pentland has expressed interest in working with the Yankees, so it sounds like he would be open to the job if it was offered to him. James Rowson, the Yankees' minor league hitting coordinator, is said to remain under consideration for the hitting coach job as well.

They also might be looking for an assistant hitting coach. One of the bigger rumors a few weeks ago was the announcement that Marcus Thames had been hired as the assistant hitting coach, even though the Yankees still had not hired a main coach at that time. Several days later Brian Cashman said that the report was false, and that he hasn't actually talked to Thames at all, though other reports had said that Thames was under consideration also. While Thames might not have been offered the assistant coach job, Cashman has said that he would be interested in hiring an assistant hitting coach, but that he would not do so without the approval of whoever is hired as the main hitting coach.

Pitchers and catchers report in 58 days, so the clock is starting to tick a bit. It would probably a good idea to lock in a hitting coach well before spring training starts. The Yankees also still need to hire a first base coach to replace Mick Kelleher. Do you have any preference as to who they hire at this point?