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Alex Rodriguez admits to PED use with Biogenesis under Anthony Bosch

Clutch your pearls, y'all.

Mike Stobe

In news today from the Miami Herald came an absolutely shocking--no, breathtaking--revelation from the crazy world of Alex Rodriguez. The big story? A-Rod used performance-enhancing drugs made available by the Biogenesis clinic and Anthony Bosch.

Stunner. I never thought I'd be reading and writing about "mid-stream urine," but well, here we are.

The Herald obtained a 15-page synopsis of A-Rod's meeting under oath with the Drug Enforcement Administration, which occurred way back in January, when he was still publicly defending himself after officially being suspended by Major League Baseball for the 2014 season. The meeting was organized as part of the DEA's case against Bosch, who you might recall is a scumbag of a human being who sold PEDs to underage kids. Anyway, here's what the statement said:

After an arbitrator reduced his punishment on Jan. 11, 2014, Rodriguez issued a defiant statement, saying "I have been clear that I did not use performance-enhancing substances ... and in order to prove it, I will take this fight to federal court."

But 18 days later, Rodriguez gave a sworn statement to the DEA and prosecutors that, between late 2010 and October 2012, he did use substances prohibited by Major League Baseball. It was completely at odds with his public statements.

I know A-Rod lying is difficult to comprehend... but it happened. There will be a counseling session with brunch, Pop-Tarts, and Tang hosted by the Daily News I-Team.

The report goes on to say that A-Rod received immunity for his confession, that his infamous cousin Yuri Sucart was the go-between for acquiring steroids, that he paid $12,000 per month to Bosch for the drugs, more details about the process of avoiding MLB's testing, and yes, that A-Rod even had blood drawn from him in a Miami nightclub. I just wish there was more about the outstanding report that included bizarro stuff like tanning salon robberies, $100K+ cash exchanges at a diner, and corrupt cops sleeping with witnesses. Damn.

This news really shouldn't be new information for anyone--the only thing here that hasn't been revealed before is A-Rod's actual confession and some of the information on avoiding positive PED tests. The Biogenesis story will never truly die, it seems.