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Yankees sign international prospect Bryan Emery

Get in, loser, we're going shopping (for more international prospects).

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
The Yankees international spending spree continues, as according to Ben Badler at Baseball America, they have signed yet another international prospect. This time, it's 16-year-old Colombia native Bryan Emery. Emery is an outfielder who was ranked 23rd among international prospects, and this signing gives them 10 of the top 30 prospects. It is clear that the Yankees were not going to be denied this year's new international talents.

Emery is listed at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, and it looks like he has decided to remain a left-handed batter after trying out as a switch-hitter. Emery is said to have big time power, a strong arm, and is very athletic for his size. While Emery has worked out for various teams in the infield and outfield, he is expected to start off at right field for now. This just in: Carlos Beltran has mysteriously been locked out of Yankee Stadium.

Emery will cost the Yankees a lot, as they will have to pay double the bonus just to sign him, and that is mainly because the Yankees opened their wallets and didn't care what anyone thought while proceeding to sign as many elite international players as possible. The Yankees are expected to pay 100 percent on every signing they make because they went over their bonus pool. Beginning July 2, the Yankees won't be allowed to sign a player for than $300,000, so of course they have gone all out to acquire these new prospects.

The Yankees were expected to dive headfirst into this international pool because they understood that their farm system wasn't as strong as they would like, so this was one way to fix it, and fix it quickly. Out of the 10 signings the Yankees have made, they hope at least one will stick and become a big time player for them. Regardless, the Yankees have done a nice job of "renovating" their farm system.