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Yankees officially sign Brian Cashman to three-year contract extension

After weeks of speculation, Brian Cashman will remain as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Yankees.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This will come as no surprise to anyone, but Brian Cashman has signed a new three-year contract.  Beginning his tenure back in 1998, he's one of the longest tenured general managers in the game.  Only Billy Beane and Brian Sabean have been in their positions longer and neither have enjoyed the success that Cashman has with four World Series titles during his reign.

With Cashman back for another three seasons, the team can officially move forward with its offseason plans. Addressing the team's shortcomings will be no easy task with an aging, injury prone, and expensive roster.  These next few seasons may just prove to be the most challenging yet for the Yankees' general manager.

Extending Cashman was honestly a no-brainer. There wasn't a clearly better option out there for the team to explore.  It's time to move forward and watch the offseason unfold.