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Robinson Cano: "I've never asked anyone for $300 million."

Not that he was ever going to get $300 million from the Yankees or anybody else anyway...

Scott Halleran

Robinson Cano has denied ever requesting a $300 million contract, according to Andy Martino. He was in the Dominican Republic for a ceremony to honor the team that won the World Baseball Classic back in March, and he briefly talked to a reporter from the Dominican website El Dia about his contract negotiations with the Yankees. El Dia is a Spanish language website, but Martino interpreted it and produced the following quotes from Cano:

"I’ve never asked anybody for $300 million," the free agent second baseman told the Dominican website El Dia on Thursday... Cano went on to say in Spanish that "nobody has ever heard that come out of my mouth ($300 million) and you’re never going to hear it."

As Martino mentioned, this statement is probably accurate, but only when taken literally. Cano's agent is the one who asks for $300 million, not Cano himself. It seems highly likely that Cano did ask for a $310 million contract around the All-Star break this year; it was his price to avoid free agency. I don't think anyone is actually doubting that they did for a contract over $300 million at some point.

Cano's camp and the Yankees reportedly began negotiations anew at the beginning of the off-season with new, undisclosed figures. It's unlikely that his asking price is now $300 million, but the two sides are still far apart on cost. Cano's agents and the Yankees will meet again on Monday. Chances are it will still be awhile before we get any kind of resolution on Cano's future with the Yankees.