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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/29/19

Cashman explains why he went with Tauchman over Frazier; Gary Sanchez weighing whether to participate in the Home Run Derby; Red Sox and Cubs surveying market for Boyd; Mascot races in London.

Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees may be the most active general manager in MLB. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NY Post | George A. King III: There was some noise made the other day when the Yankees decided to call up Mike Tauchman instead of Clint Frazier when Giancarlo Stanton went back to the IL. Brian Cashman explained that due to the funky dimensions of the stadium they’re playing in London, which has a wider foul zone than any MLB park, they called up Tauchman to cover the corners better. He also clarified that there wasn’t any animosity over Frazier using the full 72 hours to report to Triple-A Scranton after his demotion, reiterating that it was the defensive concern that prompted the choice for Tauchman. | Brendan Kuty: Gary Sanchez participated in the Home Run Derby back in 2017, defeating his future teammate Stanton in the first round. Sanchez received an invite to return to the derby this year, but isn’t sure whether he wants to participate. Sanchez is concerned about his shoulder that he had offseason surgery on, and wanted to weigh the decision with his wife and agent before committing one way or the other. | Todderick Hunt: The Yankees have been one of the earliest proprietors on the trade market, fully recognizing that there are holes in the roster that could be improved upon. The biggest area of concern is pitching, and there are several arms the team is looking at, but competition is starting to build up. The rival Red Sox and National League contending Cubs have begun evaluating the Tigers’ breakout pitcher Matthew Boyd, who could command a lofty prospect price due to the several years of control he has remaining.

NY Daily News | Raymond Mora: The London Trip has a lot more elements to it than just a couple of baseball games. It’s about touring through another culture, growing the game’s global reach, developing a potential new market...and mascot races. There’ll be one before the games, featuring a blend of American and English icons. If the trip accomplishes nothing else, it will have already been a success.