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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/9/16

Carlos Beltran is hitting really well; the Yankees are getting what they paid for in 2014, the Yankees need to draft better; HOPE Week is the best week

All aboard the Beltrain
All aboard the Beltrain
Elsa/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Lohud | Chad Jennings: Carlos Beltran is hitting extremely well. Carlos Beltran is the primary reason why the Yankees are still not out of it yet. Whether or not you think the Yankees should trade him or keep him, he is making a great case for either. It makes you wonder how his 2014 could have gone if not for the Trop!

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The 2014 season was not the best of seasons for the Yankees. Lately though, it is looking like the money they spent on Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Masahiro Tanaka, and Brian McCann is finally paying off. Even with McCann struggling a bit lately, these four players doing well are why the Yankees are still not out of it yet. They just need to remain healthy.

Wall St. Journal | Jared Diamond: It is no secret that drafting has not been one of the Yankees strengths in the past. According to this, the Yankees have not had a single first rounder since 2010 reach the majors. That's not good. It needs to be better. Draft well tonight, Yankees. | Nick Suss: The Yankees continued on with Day Three of HOPE Week, the best week of the season. Yesterday, eight players were in Harlem to celebrate Harlem Grown, an organization that teaches children to grown fruits and vegetables at seven different urban farm locations in Harlem.

Fun Questions

  • What is your favorite song to exercise to?
  • Best way to serve Chicken Parm is: A. On a hero B. On a bed of spaghetti C. On a garlic bread hero D. I don't like chicken parm and I am a monster E. Other (please specify)

Song Of The Day

Call On Me by Eric Prydz

It's Inspiration Week on Pinstripe Alley. I was inspired by Andrew Mearns and Chris Parmelee, therefore this is your inspirational song of the day! It's also great dance & exercise music. As always, please link us your song of the day.

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