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Around the Empire: Yankees news 6/3/16

Girardi frustrated with the media; Is A-Rod done?; Pineda's struggles; The future of the rotation; Remembering Lou Gehrig

I'm a hero. I can baseballs.
I'm a hero. I can baseballs.
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Around the Empire

New York Post | Dan Martin: Before the game, members of the media were pestering Joe Girardi with questions about the lineup. His frustration showed, when he snapped and asked the reporters for their suggestions on constructing the lineup. Possibly sensing his frustration, the Yankees offense delivered just enough to secure a win in Detroit.

LoHud Yankees Blog | Chad Jennings: Is it time to start giving up on Alex Rodriguez? Just before he went on the disabled list he started showing signs of life, and after the year he had last year, it's hard to just count him out completely. Almost 700 home runs in the book, I say give Rod a chance.

FanGraphs | Eno Sarris: What exactly is wrong with Michael Pineda? He's still striking out guys at his normal rate, which is good, yet he's been awful. It seems to be the location of his pitches, which he can't command. After hearing back from fans, Sarris provided an update, where he adds that his there's a difference in his pitches with runners on base.

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: The future of the Yankees' rotation is filled with uncertainty. None of the current rotation members are guaranteed to be with the team after 2017, considering Masahiro Tanaka's opt-out clause. The only possible "guarantees" in the rotation might be Luis Severino and James Kaprielian.

Fox Sports | Barry Werner: It was 75 years ago yesterday that Lou Gehrig died because of ALS. Werner reflects on his career and his legendary "luckiest man on the face of the earth" speech.

Fun Questions

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