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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/11/16

CC Sabathia should be the clear frontrunner for Comeback Player of the Year; Ivan Nova has done his job as the Yankees' 5th starter; Brett Gardner has been red hot; Nick Swisher is still down in the minors; HOPE Week is still the best week

I know you want this, A-Rod
I know you want this, A-Rod
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire

Wall St. Journal | Jared Diamond: If CC Sabathia is not the front runner for Comeback Player of the Year, something is terribly wrong. His resurgence has been one of the best things about the season, if not the best thing about it. Last night was no different. It is so refreshing to see. Praise be.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Speaking of pitchers who are having a comeback year, Ivan Nova. While Nova has not been as lights out as Sabathia, he has done everything you could ask of a #5 starter. It's very encouraging to see. Just remember, ground balls Nova. Ground balls.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Brett Gardner, the Yankees gritty and gutty left fielder, has seemingly put the month of May behind him. He has a seven game hitting streak and is doing what he does best; get on base. Keep it going, Gardner.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Chris Parmelee was placed on the DL yesterday with a Grade 2 right hamstring strain. He is expected to be out for a month. Despite that, Nick Swisher is still in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. The Yankees say they will stick with Rob Refsnyder at first. Hopefully that base does not claim his as well. | Troy Provost-Heron: Yesterday was Day 5 of HOPE Week, the best week of the year. For the final day of HOPE Week, Didi Gregorius, Alex Rodriguez, Aroldis Chapman, Nathan Eovaldi and Aaron Hicks went to visit Said Rivera, an 18-year old diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was five months old. They teamed up with Blissful Bedrooms to help renovate his bedroom. A truly touching story here, ladies and gentlemen. HOPE Week is the best week.

Fun Questions

  • What's the longest walk you've ever done?
  • Favorite thing to order at a Chinese Restaurant?

Song Of The Day

Minor League Circuit from Punch Out Wii

It's Inspiration Week on Pinstripe Alley. I don't know how this theme doesn't inspire you to take on all challenges as you rise to the top. If it worked for Little Mac, it can work for you. As always, please link us your song of the day.

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