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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/18/16

Phil Coke DFA'd; A-Rod talks about his return; Yankees' revolving door; 20th anniversary of Rivera's first save; 18th anniversary of Wells' perfect game

Can I sign this #awesometime #09?
Can I sign this #awesometime #09?
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Around the Empire

MLB Trade Rumors | Steve Adams: After a disappointing six innings in which he allowed four runs on seven hits and four walks, the Yankees have designated Phil Coke for assignment. Shocking that he wasn't good. | Randy Miller: Alex Rodriguez discusses his possible return on Thursday and what he has yet to accomplish before then, like running the bases. He also jokes that since the Yankees have been doing well in his absence they might be better off if he stays hurt.


New York Times | Billy Witz: Early in the off-season, the Yankees mentioned they would use the 25th spot on their roster as a revolving door by constantly calling up players from the "Scranton Shuttle" as needed. While early in the season they weren't doing that so much, because of injuries and different circumstances the Yankees are shuffling their non-guaranteed roster spots quite often now.

NY Daily News | Joe Belock: Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of a pitcher named Mariano Rivera getting his first career save. A timely 4-6-3 double play would help entrench him as a reliable set-up man for that 1996 season and then give the Yankees the confidence to name him the closer over an established arm in John Wetteland. 651 saves later, "Mo" established himself as the greatest closer in history.

NY Daily News | Mike Lupica: Speaking of anniversaries, yesterday was also the 18th anniversary of David Wells' perfect game against the Twins. Here is the original article published in the Daily News the following day.

Fun Questions

  • Which of these names above would you choose for the Mets Double-A affiliate?
  • If you could rename any one of the Yankees minor league affiliates, which team would you rename and what would you change the name to?

Song of the Day

Whiskeysippi River by Randy Houser

It's Drinking Week on Pinstripe Alley. I happened to see Randy Houser live in concert last week and he happened to play this song, I figured this was appropriate. As always, please link us your song of the day.