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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/17/16

A-Rod and CC are expected back from the DL in Oakland; this is not the first time the Yankees have had a dominant bullpen; Cashman is pro-emotions in baseball; Yankee pitchers are having trouble getting the third out

And this 15 second rest on the ground is brought to you by GEICO. A 15 minute call can save you up to...
And this 15 second rest on the ground is brought to you by GEICO. A 15 minute call can save you up to...
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Mark FeinsandAlex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia, who are currently on the 15-day DL, are both expected to be back when the Yankees play the Oakland Athletics this weekend. A-Rod will hopefully be back on Thursday while CC is the probable starter for Friday's game against the A's. Here's hoping they come back and play as well as they did before they got injured.

New York Daily News | Joe Belock: There have been talks how the Royals' bullpen helped them recently and that's why the Yankees have the pen they currently have. However, a dominant bullpen is absolutely nothing new in the Bronx. Joe Torre was pretty much handed one when he took over as manager, and he had one throughout the late 90's Dynasty run. | Kenny Ducey: In case you didn't see or hear about it, the Rangers and Blue Jays got into a little tiff on Sunday. This, of course, brought up references to Jose Bautista's now famous bat flip in the ALDS. Yankees GM and danger seeker Brian Cashman talked about this and sides more with the new generation of fun and being able to express emotions. He doesn't feel personalities should be restricted, which is clearly letting Yankees fans know that Future Yankee Bryce Harper is a guaranteed signing.

The Wall Street Journal | Jared Diamond: You might have noticed that the Yankees' pitching staff hasn't had an easy time getting out of an inning. Apparently, for some odd reason, they have become quite adept at giving other teams a two-out rally. By "quite adept" I mean they're better than any other team at it. The chart in this article is not a pretty sight. | Joe Giglo: The future of Mark Teixeira being on this team is still in question. With David Ortiz retiring next year, an AL scout thinks that the Red Sox might be interested in Tex to platoon him and Hanley Ramirez at first base and DH. Tex in a Red Sox uniform is an interesting and potentially hideous thought.

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It's Drinking Week on Pinstripe Alley. After last night's game against the Diamondbacks, and with Michael Pineda pitching tonight, here's to alcohol! As always, please link us your song of the day.