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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/7/16

Girardi on smokeless tobacco ban; Yankees not protesting game; StubHub buyers inconvenienced; Betances' troubles holding runners

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports | Randy Miller: Joe Girardi was asked about the new smokeless tobacco ban at Yankee Stadium, and he didn't really have an issue with it. He merely said that players have to deal with adjustments all the time, and players haven't complained about the change.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Joe Girardi said that the Yankees are not going to protest the Opening Day game against the Astros. The rule is that Dellin Betances had to have hit the runner in the back for him to be called out, and Girardi says he accepts that, albeit begrudgingly.

New York Times | Nate Schweber: Because of the new rule that the Yankees will no longer be accepting tickets printed at home, StubHub buyers were forced to walk seven-tenths of a mile to the nearest StubHub outlet to retrieve their tickets. I hope you're happy, Lonn Trost.

BP Bronx | Ben Diamond: Even though stolen bases weren't a big problem in 2015, it could be in 2016. Dellin Betances has had troubles holding runners, and considering all of the other tall pitchers on the team, the troubles may not be isolated to just him.