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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/3/16

Castro impresses; Severino is shaky; what Chapman's suspension means; Chapman's suspension as a precedent

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NY Daily News | Mark Feinsand: In his first spring training game as a Yankee, Starlin Castro had two hits and a nice play in the field, and he said that he could easily get used to playing with Didi Gregorius in the middle of the infield. | Ryan Hatch: Luis Severino got hammered in his first outing of spring, as he allowed five runs including a grand slam. He said he obviously has some work to do on his pitches, which isn't a surprise for the beginning of March. I'm not too concerned.

ESPN | Wallace Matthews: In a very thoughtful article about the situation, Matthews highlights that there were certainly a lot of winners in the Aroldis Chapman ruling: MLB proved it had a functional policy, Chapman was penalized, and the Yankees will get Chapman in due time. The only problem, he rightly says, is that the victims always seem to lose, and we should definitely keep them in our thoughts.

Baseball Prospectus | Meg Rowley: In a case that is certainly not representative, Chapman's case becomes the precedent. In an already complicated case, an employer has to discipline where the law fails, and they have to hand out justice that can be used as an example down the road. It's already difficult to parse, but the fact that it is precedent-setting, Rowley argues, doesn't make that any easier.