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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/21/16

The bullpen is not repeatable; Bird won't get too much playing time; Yankees tried to get Anthopoulos; Miller/Betances shouldn't be traded; Hal Steinbrenner defends Chapman; Cespedes a possibility.

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images | Brendan Kuty: Even though the bullpen, on paper, seems better than it was last year, Brian Cashman has acknowledged that it probably won't be. Because of performances from Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller that were otherworldly, Cashman believes that it would be unreasonable to think that it's repeatable.

CBS New York  | Sweeny Murti: Because Mark Teixeira's injury last season was more of a freak accident than a nagging injury, it'd be fair to expect Teixeira to at least play a decent portion of the season. That would mean fewer plate appearances for Greg Bird, and that's much to the chagrin of his fans.

Yankees 101 | Doug Rush: The Yankees apparently tried to hire Alex Anthopoulos, the former general manager of the Blue Jays who is now the vice president of baseball operations for the Dodgers. It's unclear what kind of position the Yankees offered him, but it definitely wasn't as comfortable as the one offered to him by Andrew Friedman.

Fansided | Harrison Marder: The author argues that even though both Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller could be valuable trade assets, they're probably worth more staying with the team, as the ability to shorten games could be useful given how questionable the rotation looks. | Brendan Kuty: Luis Severino spoke with Meredith Marakovits at the Yankees' Dominican Republic complex, and he told her that he has the ability to be the ace. This doesn't necessarily mean that he thinks that's what he is today, but he's confident enough that he could fill that position if need be.

USA Today | Bob Nightengale: When asked about the trade for Aroldis Chapman, owner Hal Steinbrenner said that Chapman is "innocent until proven guilty" and that he thought long and hard about the acquisition before allowing the move. Well, when you put it this way... it still sounds bad.

CBS New York: Hal Steinbrenner said that while he is comfortable with payroll as is, Yoenis Cespedes is not off the table, as the Yankees have surprised people in the past. I don't know what this means, but it's the best free agent rumor we're going to get.