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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/1/16

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

ESPN | Buster Olney: By willingly trading for Aroldis Chapman, the Yankees forfeit the right to any excuses if the worst case scenarios about his off-field issues come to pass.

Royals Review | Kevin Ruprecht: The Yankees have a bullpen that is one of the best in the majors. How does it stack up to the Royals' bullpen, which sort of set the standard?

FOX Sports | Rob Neyer: Many people feel it was wrong for the Yankees to exploit Chapman's depleted trade value in the wake of his domestic violence allegations, but another team would have if New York didn't.

YES Network | Lou DiPietro: Imagining a 2020 All-Homegrown team, starting with the rotation. Luis Severino would obviously head the rotation.