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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/6/15

Pirela and Refsndyer will get their playing time, how Greg Bird is handling expectations, and more.

I assumed everyone had heard...
I assumed everyone had heard...
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports | Brendan Kuty: Especially now that Mark Teixeira is on the DL, Greg Bird has to deal with the huge expectations that come with being the starting first baseman for the Yankees. How is he handling this? | Bryan Hoch: Don't get too angry with playing time for Brendan Ryan and Stephen Drew. With 29 games in the next 30 days, both Jose Pirela and Rob Refsnyder will see plenty of playing time over the rest of the season.

ESPN SweetSpot | David Schoenfield: Nathan Eovaldi didn't get the support he usually gets in yesterday's loss, but otherwise, Eovaldi has been one of the luckiest players in all of the MLB this season. | Brendan Kuty: CC Sabathia has had a very rough year for the Yankees. Right when it looked like things were getting better for the veteran southpaw, Sabathia went down with an injury. Despite all the struggles, the Yankees are doing the right thing by keeping Sabathia in the rotation.