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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/30/15

Stories from Yogi's funeral, the Yankees active in inclusion efforts, Drew likely out for the season, and a note to the Berra family.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

FOX Sports | AP: Yogi Berra's funeral was held in his home of Montclair, NJ yesterday morning, and it was a moving service that was attended by an amazing array of icons, including former rival Jackie Robinson's widow, Rachel. Joe Torre and Cardinal Timothy Dolan eulogized Yogi, and Torre lightened the mood by telling the attendees about how Yogi would always light up spring training when he arrived as an instructor. On road trips, he would apparently even walk into 7-Elevens dressed in full Yankee pinstripes with his number 8 to use the bathroom, baffling store attendants and visitors. That's Yogi for you.

Players' Tribune | Derek Jeter: The Captain shared some of his favorite stories about Yogi, who he considered a close friend despite the age difference between the two Yankees legends.

FOX Sports | Ken Rosenthal: MLB's ambassador for inclusion, Billy Bean (not to be confused with A's GM Billy Beane), has made a remarkable impact on the game in his first season, particularly with the Yankees and the LGBTQ community groups associated with the team.

ESPN New York | Andrew Marchand: Joe Girardi admitted that due to the unusual dizziness and equilibrium problems that have kept Stephen Drew out for over a week, he appears unlikely to return again this year. He didn't give any indications about how the playoff roster might be affected, bur Rob Refsnyder's chances would logically improve, particularly given the team's struggles against lefties. Speaking of those troubles, righty backup catcher John Ryan Murphy has also begun taking grounders at first to add another option against southpaws. | Jamal Collier: Before he lines up to take his start in the Wild Card game, Masahiro Tanaka could pitch the Yankees into the playoffs tonight against the Red Sox and secure franchise victory number 10,000. | Ryan Hatch: Admitting that he "stunk" yesterday, Alex Rodriguez said that the team as a whole, particularly the offense, probably just needs to relax to get out of its current funk. Dustin Ackley was a nice pick-up, but when he's the one carrying the lineup, there might be a bit of a problem.

Deadspin | Kevin Draper: This Yankees fan also had a bad day on Tuesday night, bobbling three chances to catch a foul ball in the front row. He was, of course, on camera, too. Awkward.


Lastly, Yogi's granddaughter Lindsay tweeted a statement after his funeral about the Berra family's appreciation for the support they have received since his passing last week. I have no idea if this will actually be read, but I just wanted to say that on behalf of the Pinstripe Alley community, it was the least that we could do. It was a touching gesture to allow the fans to share in the intimate moments of his funeral by televising it yesterday.

I've already written at length about how much Yogi meant to the Yankees family, so this will be brief. Yogi was a truly special human being in ways that far exceeded the game, and we as a fanbase are fortunate to have grown up with someone so amazing and inspirational as one of our favorite team's best players. Based on what has been written, I have no doubt that he was a fantastic family man as well, and our thoughts will remain with Yogi's sons and grandchildren. Your "grampa" was one of a kind and will never be forgotten, Lindsay.