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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/24/15

Some of the beautiful tributes from around the web on Yogi Berra, his career, and what he meant to baseball both as a player and an icon.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Times | Harvey Araton: How Yogi Berra's return from self-imposed exile in 1999 marked the beginning of a special, important relationship with the Yankees in Berra's twilight years.

Fangraphs | Paul Swyden: Yogi Berra was one of the most remarkably consistent baseball players of all time, and here are the statistics to prove it.

New York Times | Bruce Weber: Another terrific piece honoring the great Yogi.

Hardball Talk | Craig Calcaterra: Looking back on Yogi's stories of seeing combat in World War II, as well as the unlikely beginning to Yogi Berra's story.  This is a wonderful article about how, while Yogi Berra might be remembered for his sayings and his rings, there is so much more to the man that should be celebrated.

SB Nation | Grant Brisbee: Remembering the joy that Yogi Berra brought to the game and made him almost universally loved.

Sports Illustrated | Alex Belth: A long look at Yogi's entire life, showing how complex - and unique - this legendary Yankee was.

The New Yorker | Roger Angell: Taking us back to what it was like to actually watch Yogi Berra run the show from behind the plate at Yankee Stadium.

ESPN New York | Wallace Matthews: Hal Steinbrenner admits that it hurt his father for Yogi not to be around the Yankees for years after he fired him.  "The Boss" definitely made a mistake in the way he handled that one.