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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/24/15

Yankees the model of consistency; Pettitte honored by the ceremony; Sabathia to undergo MRI; Teixeira takes batting practice.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

New York Daily News | Bill Madden: Sabermetric jabs aside, this piece effectively argues that with the issues and turnover in Detroit, Boston, and Los Angeles, the Yankees look like a model of consistency of fiscal stability, at least as of late. | Maria Guardado: By giving him his own day, Monument Park plaque, and number retirement, the Yankees have shown they are willing to overlook Andy Pettitte's PED issues in order to honor their former player. Pettitte is obviously thankful for this honor.

Newsday | Peter Cappiello: CC Sabathia left yesterday's game in the third inning due to right knee pain, and he will undergo an MRI to determine the gravity of his injury. It is well-documented that he has a degenerative condition, as he has undergone surgery and has had his knee drained twice this season. | Maria Guardado: Mark Teixeira remains inactive after fouling a ball of of his shin last week, but he is slowly making progress in his recovery. Yesterday his batting practice went smoothly, but he is still having issues running on that leg. Teixeira, though, is optimistic his condition will improve quickly.