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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/10/15

Showdown in Cleveland, back-to-back shutout anecdotes, Gardner plunked by an idiot fan, and wise words from A-Rod on the Toronto series.

Elsa/Getty Images | Grace Raynor: The Yankees are off today, but tomorrow evening will be an exciting pitching matchup, as Luis Severino prepares for his second major league start, facing off with Cleveland's red-hot Carlos Carrasco.

CBS Sports | Dave Brown: For the first time in 16 years, the Yankees were shut out in consecutive games, a streak of 2,665 straight contests. Yowza. Brown went back and looked at the 1999 champions' lineups which were blanked by the Angels on May 13th. All the big names were there! This just happens to teams sometimes--that's baseball, Suzyn.

Business Insider | Cork Gaines: Brett Gardner was conked in the head when a Yankee Stadium fan threw a Jose Bautista homer back into the field of play. What an embarrassment. Hopefully, the fan was ejected and will never be allowed into Yankee Stadium again.

ESPN New York | Mike Mazzeo: It was a rough weekend in the Bronx, but the longest tenured player in baseball has the right perspective about it. Take it away, A-Rod:

"It's a long season. Two good teams. We definitely took a punch this weekend, but good teams punch back."