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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/28/15

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Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

ESPN New York | Mark Simon: Nathan Eovaldi has seen improvements since his ground ball rate has gone up.

It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski: After being described as a cancer for years, maybe Alex Rodriguez has been exactly what the Yankees clubhouse has needed.

Minor League Ball | Quinn Barry: If the Yankees aren't trading their top four prospects, then Gary Sanchez might be their most valuable trade chip at the moment.

Sporting News | Jesse Spector: It seems that Alex Rodriguez has finally figured it all out and is simply sitting back and enjoying is amazing comeback season.

LoHud | Chad Jennings: Here's a helpful way to adjust your expectations as we head toward the trade deadline.

It's About the Money | Matt Bove: Chase Headley has been quietly turning things around after a tough couple of months.

ESPN New York | Andrew Marchand: Alex Rodriguez talks about what it feels like to be 40.