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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/26/15

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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated | Cliff Corcoran: At this point, only the Blue Jays can hope to catch the Yankees in the American League east division.

Deadspin | Tom Ley: Alex Rodriguez might be old, but he's still fun to watch play. | Jamal Collier: Yankees pitching prospect Luis Severino is pitching so well in Triple-A that he might become an option at the major league level before too long.

New York Daily News | Bill Madden: During Hall of Fame weekend, Reggie Jackson may have gotten into a physical altercation with an autograph seeker.

Fangraphs | Carson Cistulli: Yankees pitching prospect Rookie Davis is once again among some of the best fringe prospects in the minor leagues this week.

Baseball Prospectus Bronx | Nick Ashbourne: A breakdown of Chasen Shreve's amazing splitter that has led to him having such a great season with the Yankees.

Minor League Ball | Quinn Barry: Here is a scouting report on 2015 Yankees draftee outfielder Jhalan Jackson.