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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/8/15

Yankees draft picks; the state of the bullpen; Warren's staying power; Yankees the AL East favorites.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees have their highest draft pick since 1993, and Sherman hopes that the Yankees' lack of position player depth will change, especially with a higher pick and changing draft philosophies. Because the Yankees have never had a high pick, they have missed out on many of the generational talents that get picked higher, but they have largely missed in the lower rounds as well. They have done well with drafting pitchers, though, by selecting Tyler Clippard, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, and Dellin Betances in recent years. But hopefully with some good selections this year and success from the likes of Aaron Judge and Eric Jagielo, the Yankees could see their position player problems alleviated. | Ryan Hatch: Even though the Yankees' bullpen is short on right-handed pitchers, Joe Girardi is not concerned. Because relievers like Chasen Shreve, Justin Wilson, and Jacob Lindgren match up well against right-handed hitters, Girardi does not believe the lack of quality right-handers will be an issue, at least not for now.

ESPN New York | Andrew Marchand: It could just be a mirage, but some think that Adam Warren could have serious staying power in the Yankees' rotation. After winning the fifth starting spot outright out of spring training, Warren has since held on to the spot, even as Chris Capuano and Masahiro Tanaka returned from injuries. That could happen again when Ivan Nova returns from Tommy John rehab, and Joe Girardi will have to make the difficult decision of what to do with Warren when that occurs. | Richard Justice: The Yankees were the type of team one could see finishing in first place, or even finishing in last place. But so far this season, the team has solidified themselves as the favorite in the AL East, as they have been buoyed by a competitive rotation, a shutdown bullpen, and tremendous production from Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.