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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/30/15

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Scott Halleran/Getty Images

It's About the Money | Matt Bove: Significant platoon splits are the biggest reason Nathan Eovaldi has had such an up and down season for the Yankees so far.

Beyond the Box Score | Scott Lindholm: In this visualization of left fielder value, Brett Gardner is one of the most valuable in the game.

Just A Bit Outside | Owen Watson: Has Alex Rodriguez been worth the amount of money the Yankees have paid him over the years?

LoHud | Chad Jennings: Here is a look at why the Yankees continue to be in the middle of a roster crunch, despite having so many players available to them.

It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski: Between poor play in the field from Stephen Drew, Chase Headley, Brian McCann, and now Brett Gardner, the Yankees need to stop making defensive mistakes.

Rotographs | Scott Strandberg: See where Stephen Drew ranks among all second baseman in baseball–it's not pretty.