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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/19/2015

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports | Ryan Hatch: CC Sabathia is struggling with the fact that he is simply not the pitcher he used to be. The former ace failed to go more than six innings for the sixth straight start this season in Thursday's win against Miami.

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: Carlos Beltran has had a fairly ugly June after a resurgent May and a hideous April, but the Yankees' right fielder picked up his first homer of the month in the win over the Marlins. Joe Girardi still feels confident that Beltran will turn things around eventually.

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Yankees are making the most of the bad situation that was Nathan Eovaldi's absolute disaster of a start against the Marlins. Removed after having only thrown 35 pitches, Eovaldi will start on Saturday in order to give Masahiro Tanaka an extra day of rest. | Brendan Kuty: Marlins reliever Sam Dyson walked Alex Rodriguez on four pitches with the Yankees' DH sitting on 2,999 hits for his career. The Yankee Stadium crowd let Dyson hear it out of disappointment, but the reliever insists that he wasn't trying to walk Rodriguez on purpose.