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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/17/15

Jeff Sullivan on A-Rod's strangely awesome 2015 season, some top Yankees draft picks sign, and recently acquired prospect Tony Renda's thoughts on joining the Yankees organization.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Jeff Sullivan: Alex Rodriguez's year to date has been absolutely fascinating with numbers almost resembling those from his elite prime, and yet it might never be fully appreciated because fans have such a negative reaction to him.

BP Bronx | Nick Ashbourne: The reason Stephen Drew has still maintained the ability to go deep is that he has completely given up any hope of slower pitches. He can run into the occasional fastball like he has throughout his career, but it's almost comical how badly his numbers are against off-speed stuff.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Plenty of Yankees and Mets fans are unsatisfied with the production the teams have received from Didi Gregorius and Wilmer Flores, but boy, those off-season alternative at shortstop are looking pretty damn awful, too.

MLB Trade Rumors | Jeff Todd: Two of the Yankees' top five picks have signed: Third rounder Drew Finley and fourth rounder Jeff Hendrix. Finley was one of the few high scholers taken by the Yankees in this draft class, but he has some serious talent on the mound. That's a pretty good reason why he was given $950,000, which is a good chunk of change beyond his slot value.

Rolling Thunder | Dan Pfeiffer: Second base prospect Tony Renda is adjusting to his new surroundings in Double-A Trenton since being traded from the Nationals.