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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/14/15

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The Yankees have added two right-handed relievers in Sergio Santos and Jose Ramirez. Jacob Lindgren has been sent down to make room. Austin Romine took a fastball to the head in Scranton. A-Rod (Mr. 666) getting sued again.

He is coming for everything you hold dear
He is coming for everything you hold dear
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports | Brandon Kuty: A profile on new Yankee right-handed reliever Sergio Santos, called up to replace the outrighted Esmil Rogers. Here's hoping Santos pitches more like the former closer and less like a player who has just gotten DFA'd by the Dodgers.

CBS Sports | Ruben Palacios: The Yankees brought up another right-handed reliever as well, in Jose Ramirez. He's previously been with the Yankees, pitching all of one inning, in May. Going the other way, Jacob Lindgren, who has given up three home runs in 7 innings, with an 8.10 FIP. Yeesh. Hopefully Lindgren goes back to dominating AAA batters and gets another chance to settle into the big league bullpen soon.

Bronx Baseball Daily | Delia Enriquez: Austin Romine took a fastball to the head from a pitcher who had just given up back-to-back home runs. This cleared the Yankee bench but sent everyone to the pitcher on the mound as Romine was writhing in pain on the ground. The linked video makes for uncomfortable viewing. Romine was undergoing tests, at time of writing there was no word yet on result. Hopefully he is ok.

NY Daily News | Michael O'Keefe, Christian Red: In case you are having withdrawal symptoms from the Biogenesis stories,  former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo is doing us all a favour by bringing it back. As a bonus, he is doing so by suing greatest monster in history Alex Rodriguez.

Hardball Talk | Bill Baer: Here is what Lord Evil Incarnate thinks of your puny lawsuits. In addition to the greatest sports mark in the history of the world, Mr.666 has now gone over 2000 RBI as well. He is rapidly closing in on the 3000 hit mark. All your magic milestones will be his.