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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 6/12/15

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | Wallace Matthews: Damon Oppenheimer felt a lot of pressure to come up with a good draft for the Yankees to make the most of their high draft selection. He feels like first rounder James Kaprielian could be major league ready before too long, and notes that scouts texted him to praise their selection of Kyle Holder in the compensation round.

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: After Bryce Harper's recent trip to the Bronx, everyone seems to be buzzing about whether or not the outfielder will eventually end up in pinstripes. Buster Olney says he will, but there are plenty of reasons why it might not happen. Teams are locking up their young stars more and more these days, and Aaron Judge panning out could mean the Yankees choose to spend the big free agent bucks elsewhere.

New York Times | Billy Witz: It is obvious from the Yankees' draft selections that they are moving away from the high risk picks in favor of players who are seen as more of a sure thing. The team passed on injured players who fell despite their high ceilings like Brady Aiken and Michael Matuella, and stayed mostly away from high schoolers after being burned on so many high school first round picks since 2007.

New York Post | Dan Martin: The road to the majors has been a long one for Mason Williams, whose poor play had everyone thinking he might turn out to be a bust before a strong spring training put him back on the prospect radar. It took the outfielder a long time to make it to Triple-A, but his stay there has only lasted a few weeks.

New York Post | Brian Lewis: Having Dellin Betances in the bullpen can help the Yankees mitigate the loss of Andrew Miller despite their closer having a perfect season in the saves department so far.