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Around the Empire: Yankees News 6/1/15

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Drew's playing time under daily scrutiny

The Yankees consider life after Drew
The Yankees consider life after Drew
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NY Daily News | Mark Feinsand: Joe Girardi is going "day by day" in evaluating whether to let Stephen Drew have playing time.

NYTimes | Billy Witz: Didi Gregorius' biggest flaw, perhaps even bigger than his platoon worthy bat, is how poor his internal clock has proven to be through the first quarter of the season. He just does not have a natural feel for when he has to rush and when he has a little more time.

Hardball Times | Jeff Zimmerman: A look at the traditional position adjustments, and an argument to consider re-examining what we think we know about the order of the defensive spectrum. Is it possible that (at least given the current/ recent personnel available to MLB teams) that center field is just as challenging as third base? Zimmerman also takes a close look at the DH penalty given how often position players prove less effective hitters as DHs. Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Hardball Times | Jon Roegele: The MLB strike zone in 2015 looks a lot like the 2014 strike zone: big, low, and depressing run production across baseball. The chart of recent zones from '09 through '15 broken out by square inches alone makes this required reading.

Bucs Dugout | David Manel: Really fantastic reporting from our Pirates sister-site on the impact of instant replay on baserunning, particularly on the "nasty" edge that reply forces infielders to take in pursuing a tag.