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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 5/26/15

Team rankings at the quarter mark; The Strikeout Factory arrives in New York and no one knows who he is.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

NY Daily News | Anthony McCarron: Memorial Day usually marks a nice milestone in the baseball season, and with the quarter of the season in the books, McCarron ranks the Yankees #14. After the Bronx Bombers shellacked the #1 ranked Royals, this ranking might look a little pessimistic.

NYTimes | Seth Berkman: In a new twist on rookie hazing, when Jacob Lindgren arrived in the Bronx, no one would let him into the bullpen. Not because they were picking on him though, just because body recognized the kid.

It's About the Money | Scott Moss: Speaking of pessimistic, Moss takes a lesson from Phil Hughes' minor league success when looking at Jacob Lindgren. Primarily, Moss suspects that if there's any flaws in Lindgren's game, it will take major league quality hitting to expose them.

CBS Sports | Jon Heyman: Several former Yankees make Heyman's list of potential minority managers: Chili Davis, Raul Ibanez, Willie Randolph, and Tony Pena.

The Hardball Times | Paul Swydan: Not Yankee related, but Swydan reviews the book Big Data Baseball, which takes a look at how the statistical revolution is changing baseball, with a specific focus on the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was already on my "to read" list, but the review has me really excited to start it.