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Around the Empire: Yankees News - 3/23/15

CC had a bad outing; the lights at Steinbrenner Field are bad and so are concussions; Betances is good.

CC, letting it hang out.
CC, letting it hang out.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

LoHud Yankees Blog | Chad Jennings: I will not overreact to CC Sabathia's bad spring training outings.
I will not overreact to CC Sabathia's bad spring training outings.
I will not overreact to CC Sabathia's bad spring training outings.

Man, I wish he hadn't give up three home runs.

New York Times | Billy Witz: The lights at Steinbrenner Field apparently aren't major league caliber, though few spring training facilities are; but the problem is exacerbated by the high number of night games the Yankees play. Joe Girardi cites the dim lights as a reason for some of the Yankees' offensive struggles; A-Rod, for instance, is 7-for-16 in day games and 0-for-10 in night games.

Let's see: the Steinbrenner's aren't the brightest bulbs. The team is just trying to save a little money before the next $400 billion free agent splurge. If the Yankees had more stars, the lights wouldn't be an issue.

What did I miss?

New York Times | Nicholas Bakalar: Players who suffer a concussion, as Jose Pirela did yesterday, probably take longer than we think to get back to game shape. According to a study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, looking at 66 players who suffered concussions between 2007 and 2013, the group hit .249/.315/.393 before their injury, and .227/.287/.347 after. For contrast, players who took time off for non-injury concerns like bereavement leave actually hit better upon returning.

New York Post | Dan Martin: It's buried at the end of a fairly predictable article about whether or not Masahiro Tanaka will start Opening Day this year, but I hadn't realized that CC Sabathia has started the last six Opening Days, and that Lefty Gomez is the only other Yankee to start six straight Opening Days. I know that pitchers were always high turnover in the Bronx, even during the reserve clause days, but I hadn't realized that it was that extreme.

Fangraphs | Owen Watson: If you missed this gem from last Friday, check out the work cataloging the deception that Dellin Betances adds to his knucklecurve by maintaining a nearly identical release point with his fastball release. I love work like this that gives evidence about what makes a guy's "stuff" unhittable.