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Around the Empire: Yankees News 3/1/15

It's been a week of owner meddling, disinterest at first base, and commissioner comment parsing.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Capital New York | Howard Megdal: I know this is a couple days old, but I'm still re-reading it and its linked articles.

The real worry out of the Moncada incident is this: Just how much will the gap between what Hal Steinbrenner thinks he knows about the baseball business, and what he actually knows, cost the New York Yankees? Increasingly, it looks like it could be quite a bit.

For the most part, I was glad when Hal pushed Hank out of the spotlight. But meddling with your baseball professionals seems to be a family trait.

New York Times | Billy Witz: I'm glad Alex Rodriguez is taking reps at first, but the media seems to think he's not taking the work seriously.

What was most striking about Rodriguez’s first workout at first base was how disengaged he appeared to be. While other Yankees did the drills at close to game speed, pitchers pouncing off the mound and fielders focusing on their footwork, Rodriguez went about his work with a degree of nonchalance.

Teixeira, a former Gold Glove first baseman who made the transition from third base early in his career, carried on a dialogue after each grounder with Roller about the finer points of footwork, balance and taking proper angles to the ball. Rodriguez, as if he were a third wheel, did not participate in the discussion. | Bryan Hoch: Obligatory "where's Derek Jeter?" article.

Beyond the Box Score | Chris Teeter: Teeter gives some serious thought to Rob Manfred's comments on potentially returning the season to a 154 game schedule. He sees opportunities for play in better weather, extra off days, and potential to reduce injury. And then he goes off into wishful-thinking land suggesting eliminating the wild card play in. I don't blame the guy for dreaming.