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Around the Empire: Yankees news 2/22/15

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: While Joe Girardi and Alex Rodriguez have talked about taking reps at first base this spring training, Girardi wants to see A-Rod in person before really committing to the plan. | Bryan Hoch: A-Rod might take some extra ABs with the minor leaguers to help him get up to speed coming back from his year suspension. I assume he won't be on any of the long bus trips.

NYPost | George A. King III: Have the Yankees blyoan Moncada away with an offer? Is he the yoanly Cuban they're after? After working out in Tampa the last few days, wouldn't he want to sign with the Yankees and stay at Steinbrenner Field, or might he have flyoan away? The pressure has gryoan so much in the last few days, that I hope the deal gets syoan up in the next few hours.

NYTimes | Tyler Kepner: Former Yankee Francisco Cervelli is following in the footsteps of former Yankee Russell Martin as the Pirates catcher; while Cervelli has not been announced as the starter yet, he's the strong favorite.

Fangraphs | Paul Swydan: Former Yankee Jason Giambi has retired. Though his involvement with BALCO is likely to keep him out of the Hall of Fame, Giambi had one of the brightest peaks of any hitter in the history of baseball, and his second career as a part time player was replete with memorable moments.