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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/9/15

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The first Yankees move of the Winter Meetings was a doozy, as Starlin Castro is now a Yankee.

Elsa/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: Trading for Starlin Castro has at last given the Yankees a clear long-term solution at second base, and the Yankees front office revealed some of their reasons for targeting the talented former shortstop.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Castro is just another in a line of still-young former top prospects who the Yankees acquired when given the opportunity, joining Didi Gregorius, Nathan Eovaldi, and others. Combining them with homegrown products like Greg Bird and Luis Severino has led to a mini-youth movement instead of the veteran-laden teams of years past.

FanGraphs | Eno Sarris: Although the Yankees added the highest-value talent in this trade, a return of Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan was still solid for the Cubs. Adding Ben Zobrist forced their hand, but Warren can provide insurance to both their rotation and bullpen while Ryan gives them a slight cushion for Javier Baez. Both sides did well for themselves here.

Baseball America | Vince Lara-Cinisomo: If you couldn't help but feel like the Yankees' claims about their satisfaction with the Rob Refsnyder/Dustin Ackley second base platoon sounded familiar, you weren't alone. This had "Bubba Crosby is our 2006 center fielder" written all over it.

Wall Street Journal | Jared Diamond: The Castro trade had a two-pronged effect; by helping the Cubs move on from Castro, the Yankees allowed Theo Epstein and company to freely sign Zobrist, who the Mets coveted.